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🤖 Hype Doesn't Always Match Reality

🤖 Hype Doesn't Always Match Reality

Plus: OpenSea reports major email data breach, NASA teases extraordinary images captured by its Webb telescope, and more…

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Tech Giants Pour Billions Into AI, but Hype Doesn't Always Match Reality. After years of companies emphasizing the potential of artificial intelligence, researchers say it is now time to reset expectations. With recent leaps in the technology, companies have developed more systems that can produce seemingly humanlike… (Karen Hao, Miles Kruppa / Wall Street Journal)

NFT giant OpenSea reports major email data breach. Opensea, the popular NFT marketplace that hit a colossal $13 billion valuation in January, is warning users of email phishing after a data breach. A staff at, an email vendor… (Rita Liao / TechCrunch)

NASA teases extraordinary images captured by its Webb telescope. Six months have passed since a European rocket lofted the James Webb Space Telescope into orbit. Since that time, the ultra-complex telescope has successfully unfolded its expansive sunshield, commissioned its science instruments, and reached an… (Eric Berger / Ars Technica)

U.S. FCC commissioner wants Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their app stores. Brendan Carr, one of the FCC's commissioners, shared Tuesday via Twitter a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai that pointed to reports and other developments that made TikTok non-compliant with the two companies' app store… (Evelyn Cheng / CNBC)

No, RadioShack's Twitter wasn't hacked. It sells cryptocurrency now.. 'If you find a squirter marry her.' That's the tweet currently taking over Twitter, with shocked reactions in the replies and quotes tweets asking, 'What in the world is going on?' The tweet wasn't accidentally sent by a politician or a hacked… (Matt Binder / Mashable)

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